Sound To DMX Converter

DMX Sound Processor

A unique and innovative product that gives dynamic, engaging multi-zone sound-to-light effects to your lighting installation. Perfect for a small club, bar, gym or even a child's bedroom it opens up a world of possibility to your lighting scheme. It transmits DMX and SPI signals simultaneously, and there is a choice between WS2812 and LPD6803 SPI protocols.

In its simplest configuration the STLP has a number of standalone modes designed to match the mood of the venue. For instance the 'high energy' mode is a fast-moving range of effects. There is the option of blackout when the music stops or a heartbeat effect, see the video below:

It can either be used standalone or with an existing DMX controller. When used with an existing DMX controller the STLP uses the first 9 DMX channels to setup the mode and operating parameters. When the unit is switched off by the DMX controller it simply converts DMX to SPI, putting the original DMX controller 'in charge'. The DMX received by the STLP is converted to SPI, allowing SPI products such as dream striplights or downlights to be controlled, even when the unit is disabled through the DMX controller.

In addition to the sound modes, there are architectural features built in, so that when the venue isn't being used for parties normal lighting is easily achieved.

picture of STL box

LED products such as dream striplights or SPI LED downlighters work extremely well with the STLP. Using the scale function, many thousands of SPI channels can be controlled. A customer of ours has installed an STLP into a party bus with two runs of 8m Dream LED strip down each side and has sent us the following video. Many thanks to Lucasz at

Box Contains

  • 1 x DMX Sound Processor

Kit Price £124.00 + VAT

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