LED pixel striplight has many advantages over standard RGB/RGBW striplight in that each LED is individually addressable, thus giving you the ability to program your own chasing/swirling/flowing patterns in your striplight. However, most Pixel Striplight Controllers are standalone remote types that can't interface to home automation systems,

The PixelatorPlus overcomes this by taking the input from any 3 or 4 channel RGB or RGBW controller and turning it into the hundreds of channels that are required by pixel tape.

The PixelatorPlus also allows pixel control from app-based lighting such as the Philips HUE.

For interfacing to an existing DMX system there is a dedicated DMX input. This allows home automation systems such as Lutron, Crestron, Control4 or Mode to control pixel LEDs with ease, only requiring a handful of DMX channels.

There is also a simple standalone mode that only requires connection to a two or three way retractive switch.

picture of pixelatorplus

For parties, there is the option of sound processing hardware. This allows real time, dynamic sound-activated modes as well as the standard pixel effects.

picture of pixelatorplus

Box Contains

  • 1 x PixelatorPlus
Pixelator Datasheet

Using a Pixelator Plus With an RGB/RGBW Controller

Sound Processing

  • Lighting Protocols

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  • Home Automation

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