RGBW LED Downlight Kits

Single Zone Kits - All Lights Identical Colour and Brightness

A single zone kit means that you can program static colours or colour change. The kit comprises three CR90 12W RGBW downlights, a 60W driver and controller (specified at checkout). The control options range from a simple bluetooth remote for your phone, through a range of wall controllers, to an interface to your HUE or Lightify.

RGBW LED Downlights on a wall

Unlike RGB lights, these downlights have a dedicated white chip that give crisp, pure white light with no fringing that is normally associated with blended RGB white.

The CR90 downlight features a high quality, low cost aluminium extrusion from a specialist extruder in Shenzen coupled with the highest quality CREE LEDs. The CREE light engine is manufactured in the UK, as is the finished light. This allows us to offer this premium product at an affordable price.

RGBW LED Downlight

CR90 RGBW Downlight features:

  • Three class-leading CREE MC-E RGBW LEDs with 6000K white chip
  • UK manufactured precision light engine
  • 30 degree optics for tight beam control
  • Convenient 12v operation
  • Current consumption 500mA (white) 350mA (colours)
  • Built-in protection circuit which monitors LED temperature and current ensuring that LEDs are never overrun
  • Supplied with connector for easy plug and play installation
  • Dimensions: Rim diameter 90mm, 86mm deep, cutout 75mm
  • Luminous flux 360Lm (white) 90Lm (red) 205Lm (green) 27Lm (blue)
  • Five year warranty
  • Box Contains

    • 3 x CR90 RGBW Downlights
    • 1 x 60W Driver
    • 1 x Controller (specified at checkout)
    Controller Option
    Body Colour

    Add-On Lights £52.00 Each

    Body Colour

    Multi-Zone Kits - Each Light Individually Controllable

    With each light individually addressable, this gives the ultimate in design flexibility. You can program sweeps, chases and flows as well as the usual static colours or pure white. There is an attractive range of wall controllers, a computer USB-DMX interface or, as these are DMX products, you can interface them to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

    Box Contains

    • 3 x CR90 RGBW Downlights
    • 3 x DMX Decoders
    • 1 x 60W LED Driver
    • 1 x Programmable DMX Controller (selected at checkout)
    Controller Option
    Body Colour

    Add-On Lights With DMX Interface £62.00

    Body Colour
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    • Home Automation

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