LED Colour Changing Garden Lighting

Colour changing lights allow you to totally change the mood and look of a garden. You can have one setting for the week (classic warm white) and a weekend setting of party colours. In the winter you can set an ice blue colour; in the summer a mediterranean sunset colour, but the choice is entirely yours.

The lights are superbly engineered, UK manufactured lights with extreme weather protection and a premium CREE Light Engine (that comprises three 10W LEDs) and come with a class-leading 5 year warranty. Uniquely, there is a built-in protection circuit that protects the LEDs in the event of being run in full sun, making these the most reliable garden spotlights available.

The GS75 lights are available in silver anodised or the heritage colours of bronze, green or copper, or choose from contemporary colours such as metallic blue or lipstick pimk.

The standard kit comes with a MiLight RF touch screen controller, specially designed for RGBW lights. It is capable of running upto four completely independent zones, so for instance the rear of the garden could be blue but the patio area could be white. Please note that an additional RF receiver is required for each zone.

The lights can also be connected to virtually any control system such as Philips HUE, Bluetooth Mesh, DMX or most home automation systems such as Control4. We can also supply a solar panel and battery box making the GS75 the brightest solar garden light available. Please call us on 01543 481532 or email us at sales@ledlightingproducts.co.uk with your requirements

Three Light 15W GS75 Kit

GS75 set to warm white GS75 set to colours

Treat your garden to these beautifully engineered, built-to-last GS75 LED RGBWW spotlights. CNC Machined from solid aluminium and The RGBWW CREE LED has separate red, green, royal blue and warm white chips. The precision optic blends the colours together allowing the full spectrun of colours to be achieved, including the prized and classic CREE warm white.

The GS75, introduced ten years ago with over 5,000 sold worldwide now benefits from our latest CREE XM-L RGBW custom light engine, replacing the old MC-E

The CREE XM-L RGBW are the brightest and smallest multi-coloured LEDs of their class, delivering red, green, royal-blue and white in one LED. The XM-L color LED is 60% smaller than the MC-E LED, reducing the distance between LED die to create a small optical source for excellent optical control, efficient color mixing and ultimate reliability

Light engine upgraded to CREE XM-L

The kit is easily installed as the battery operated touch screen RF controller has a range of 30m. The LED spike lights are easily inserted into borders or lawns.

RGB+WW Garden Spotlight

The premium GS75 light is as standard deep anodised in silver giving extreme weather protection. You can also customise your lights with an automotive-spec powder coat in a range of heritage or funky colours..

Program your favourite colours Program your favourite colours

The LEDs are solidly bolted to the body for excellent heat dissipation, cool running and long life. Each light is 100% electrically and leak tested after assembly.

Kit Contains

  • 1 x MiLight 4 Zone RF Touch Screen Controller
  • 3 x GS75 LED 15W RGBW Spotlights
  • 3 x Waterproof glanded boxes for easy wiring
  • 1 x 12v 90W Driver

GS75 RGBW Spotlight

Body Colour
Beam Angle

Protection Circuit

Solar radiation (sunlight) can cause large temperature rises, as anyone touching a car bonnet on a hot sunny day can tell.

For LEDs, this can be disasterous. Running an LED at high ambient temperature can substantially recuce its life, and in extreme cases can cause catastrophic failure.

All our garden spotlights and in-ground lights have a built-in protection circuit that accurately tracks LED temperature and running current, and in the event that the operating condition moves out of the green section the circuit automatically reduces drive current to protect the LEDs

Safe operating graph

The protection circuit is completely automatic and self resetting.

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