DMX Overrider

DMX Overrider

typical dmx controller and retractive switches

A key piece of hardware that makes DMX lighting work in the real world. This allows normal on/off switches to work in conjunction with virtually any DMX controller.

This gives the user the solid advantages of DMX control (accurate colour control / timed events / app control etc) but with the convenience of normal on/off switches at the exit and entrance of the room.

This is also useful if the user is running house lights via an app but has guests staying. They will want a standard looking switch to switch lights on and off.

The overrider simply connects between the DMX controller and the DMX lights. The retractive switch then connects to the overrider (there are three zones on this version).

The overrider supports both single channel white lighting and RGB/RGBW lighting. The retractive switches offer the user to switch off, switch back on and to dim up and down. For mains LEDs this works well with the 3 Channel Mains Dimmer

The unit requires a 9-12v DC supply (100mA capacity)

picture of dmx overrider

Box Contains

  • 1 x DMX Overrider

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