Custom Projects

Primark Rain Wall

rainwall from martin chambers on Vimeo.

This project features around 100m of WS2812 LED pixel tape run by the PixelatorPlus pattern generator. As the client requested the ability to change colour, speed, size and shape of the drops we supplied a PC-based DMX controller.

Cutty Sark Effects Lighting

Cutty Sark

This project required bright, waterproof RGBW uplighting in very confined space. We designed custom LED bars and 170 plug and play DMX drivers to simplify installation.

Bombay Sapphire Custom Turqoise LEDs

Bombay Sapphire Gin

This particular product required a specific blue colour to match the product's marketing. We sourced a special LED and supplied the custom shaped PCB to fit inside the dispenser.

Swimming Pool Downlighters With Individual DMX Control

Powered by a Cromatix STLP this customer's swimming pool lighting spends much of its time in bright white. However at the press of a button he enjoys a range of sound-to-light features.

Other Projects

The chances are that if you have visited any of the major UK attractions or visitor centres our products will be in there somewhere. In fact we've supplied products to five continents

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