RGBW LED Pixel Strip Kits

RGBW LED Pixel Tape

RGBW Pixel Tape Kits

Pixel tape has finally come home. After years of evaluation, we've found the perfect pixel LED. With a WorldSemi SK6812 control IC and the reliability of Epistar RGB+Warm White LEDs, one kit means that you can have either a very high quality warm white for general illumination or dynamic pixel effects in the evening. The DMX pixelator allows you to program an almost infinite range of effects quickly and easily. And for the ultimate party, just add a DMX sound processor!.

Unlike RGB striplights, these have a dedicated white chip that give a high quality warm white light that is impossible to achieve with blended RGB.

At the heart of the system is a Cromatix Pixelator. This takes a DMX signal and generates patterns depending on the DMX values. The effect includes static colours, chases, flows etc.

In addition, there is a switch override function that switches the strips on and off, or brings the strip on in warm white. This allows the strips to be turned on and off from a standard looking switch on the wall.

Everlite RGBW Pixel Tape Kits feature:

  • Class-leading Worldsemi SK6812 control IC for each LED
  • Premium quality CREE RGBW LEDs
  • Cromatix Pixelator Effects Generator
  • 5v operation at 14.4W/m
  • 60 LEDs/m
  • Dimensions: 10mm wide, 1.5mm high
  • Choice of four programmable DMX controllers
  • Three year warranty
  • Irrespective of which controller is selected, it is supplied with the following scenes:

  • Warm White
  • Cool White
  • Static Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Orange
  • Blue/White random flow
  • Multicolour random flow
  • Aurora Effect
  • Magic Rain
  • Box Contains

    • 5m x Everlite RGBWW SK6812 LED Pixel Tape
    • 1 x 5v Driver
    • 1 x Cromatix Pixelator
    • 1 x Controller (specified at checkout)

    Pixel Tape Datasheet

    Pixelator Datasheet
    Controller Choice

    Add-On Pixel Strip £14.80/metre


    Extra LED Drivers (each 5m requires 1 driver) £19.00

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