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LED Downlight Kits

Colour-changing, or 'RGBW', downlights are capable of producing any colour desired and are therefore invaluable for creating the right 'mood' for any space. For normal use, the downlights provide strong, vivid white light. However, when the occasion demands, dining and social areas can be made more inviting by warm sunset colours, and cooler hues, such as blues and whites, give the feeling of upmarket, contemporary living. Our standard downlight is the CR90RGBW. This is a low cost, high quality downlight that uses class-leading CREE MC-E LEDs mounted on a UK manufactured light engine.

CR90 RGBW downlighter downlighters shining down a feature wall

Our RGBW LED downlight kits are a great way to achieve beautiful areas of colour, and come in a choice combinations to offer you maximum control; multi-zone DMX and 'Dream' SPI as explained below:-


Multi-zone DMX

This enables you to create zones of different colours with the downlights, so that you can create contrast and interest. This also allows RGBW downlights to be connected, giving bright, usable white light for normal use.

Dream SPI

The ideal solution for entertainment spaces as each light is individually controlled allowing stunning colour sweeps etc. Each kit is available with a range of control options and is completely expandable.

Every downlight kit is supplied with between two and ten N-Sync NS80 9W LED Downlights. The NS80RGB downlights are fitted with top-class CREE LEDs and matched precision optics, and will give many years of trouble-free service with minimal running costs.

Other downlights are available, please email for details.

DMX Multi-Zone RGB LED Downlight Kit

This kit allows you to have control over multiple lighting zones to give much more interesting uses of colour. In a bar, for example, the dining area could be set to a very warm, intimate orange and the drinking area could be set to an electric blue. All the control options have interface software so you can program the colours and effects precisely to your requirements. Each kit is supplied with two DMX decoders and two RGBW 9W LED downlights, giving control over two zones. At the checkout, you can add further downlights. You can also add floor lights, flexible striplights etc. Please email your requirements to and we'll quote you straight back.

Controller Option

Stick GU2

Nicolaudie STICK-GU2

Controls upto 128 white LEDs or 42 RGB Colour Changing

Easy to set up and program

Made in France

This is a more sophisticated version of the simple kit described above as it controls more than one zone. For most applications the 128 channel Nicolaudie GU2 is more than sufficient. It has 16 user-programmable scenes accessed by the touch screen buttons. The easy-standalone (ESA) software is easy to learn and can be downloaded for free below.

The Nicolaudie DE3 is a highly sophisticated, beautifully finished controller that has two DMX universes of 512 channels each. It also has an ethernet connection so control from iPhone or android is built-in. It also allows you to upload your favourite photos for scenes.

If you only want to control your lights via your mobile device we offer the excellent ENTTEC ODE ethernet to DMX converter. For android devices there is a choice of free or inexpensive apps, click the picture below to view at the Google store:

free or inexpensive android apps

For Apple iOs devices the Luminair App from Cincinnatti based developer Synthe-FX it is like having the most sophisticated lighting desk on your phone. Please note that this app must be purchased from the apple store and you will need a wireless router .

Kit Contents:

  • 2 x N-Sync NS80 RGB LED Downlights
  • 2 x Cromatix DIN-Rail DMX Decoders
  • 1 x Sunpower 60W 12V DIN Rail PSU
  • 0.3m DIN Rail
  • 2 x 5m cables to connect lights to decoders
  • Controller of your choice
Controller Choice
Additional Downlights

Nicolaudie DE3 controller

Nicolaudie STICK-DE3

Controls upto 1024 white LEDs or 340 RGB Colour Changing

Upload your own picture to the scene

Made in France

iPad Control


watch the video


buy luminaire at the apple store

App designed in the USA

Dream SPI LED Downlight Kit

Capable of the most stunning sequencing and fading effects this kit is the basis of a very sophisticated lighting system. The kit is based on the Nicolaudie GU2 glass touch screen DMX controller and is supplied with four N-Sync NS80SPI downlights. Each light contains a serial-peripheral (SPI) interface that allows individual control over each light in the chain. The lights address themselves automatically so there is no complicated setup process. The controller is supplied pre-programmed with 16 scenes that include static colours, sequences and colour change modes. The kit is expandable upto 42 downlights.

moodlights sign

In the picture above there are seven NS80SPI downlights illuminating a sign at 1 Abbey End, Kenilworth. See the video here to see an example of what can be done:

If you want to create your own effects the software 'Easy Standalone' is designed to make life easy. By plugging the controller into the USB port of a PC, scenes can be easily created or modified. The software can be downloaded free here and there is a demo mode so you can experiment with it before buying.

easy standalone screenshot

download ESA software

Kit Contents

GU2 controllerNS80 Downlightns80 downlightns80 downlightns80 downlight

The kit is supplied with all the cables required to complete the install. Every light is supplied with daisy-chain connectors for easy fitting. The kit comprises:

  • 1 x Nicolaudie GU2 Glass Touch Screen Controller
  • 1 x Cromatix DIN Rail Mounted DMX-SPI Converter
  • 4 x NS80SPI 9W RGB LED Downlights
  • 1 x 60W DIN Rail Mounted Power Supply
  • Software and documentation

Our Price £539.00 + VAT

Number of additional lights

Supporting Downloads

Although the kit is 'plug and play' and no technical knowledge is required to operate or install it, we often get asked for the detailed technical information about how the kit operates, so here are the datasheets of the component parts:

datasheet for NS90Cromatix CR90 RGB/RGBW Downlight Datasheet

datasheet of the DMX-SPI converter Cromatix DMX-SPI Datasheet

datasheet of the SPI driverCromatix SPI 3 Channel Driver