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LED Floor Lights

LED Floor lights or uplighters create bold, dramatic effects and occupy very little space. They are an ideal companion to our LED Downlight and Striplight Kits, and are available in a range of white hues and RGB (colour-change. or can be purchased singly for connection to any 12V system.

They are manufactured in a miniature 40mm version for direct mounting in the floor, plinth or wall tiles, or in a 50mm version that is designed to fit an existing MR16/GU10 fitting.

Both fittings are manufactured entirely in Birmingham in the UK.

Cromatix CR40 LED 40mm Floor Light

CR40 with 50p piece

CR40 uplighters

The ideal light for around baths, kitchen plinths, stairs, to uplight walls when mounted in the floor. As the lights are very small, the fittings themselves are very discreet until illuminated.

The CR40 features a class-leading US-designed LED (either Cree or Lighting Science, depending on whether the LED is white or RGB).

Choose between the standard silver anodised finish or white powder coating. Or, for an extra charge, we'll get them finished for you in the colour of your choice, just supply us with a sample of the colour or the BS/RAL number.

The white versions are internally ballasted so will connect to any 12v PWM dimmer for perfect, smooth dimming. The RGB version is supplied with an external ballast that will connect to any of our LED Colour Controllers.

Alternatively, the CR40 can be supplied with an SPI interface for creating chasing effects such as the 'Hollywood Staircase'.

Please note that as these are built to order there is usually a 3-5 day leadtime.

CR40 Pure White £59.00

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CR40 Warm White £59.00

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CR40 RGB £82.00

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CR40 datasheet CR40 datasheet

Cromatix CR50 50mm LED Floor Light


CR50 in seat back

The CR50 makes a fantastic floor light, or it can easily be installed into an MR16/GU10 downlighter fitting for inclusion into an existing lighting system.

The features of the CR50 are the same as for the CR40 (see above).

CR50 Pure White £59.00

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CR50 Warm White £59.00

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CR50 RGB £82.00

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CR50 datasheet CR50 datasheet

LED Floor Light Project Ideas
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