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LED Custom Design Projects

If you have an idea of a lighting project, our expertise will allow you to achieve it. We have expertise in electronic design, software, CNC machining and installation (in the Midlands). Please see below for some of the things we have developed for our clients.

For a quotation please email with your requirements for details.

48 Pixel DMX Driver

An existing client in Dubai had already installed a kit from us that displayed moving, sound-activated patterns in the ceiling of his gym using 48 x high-brightness CR50 warm white fittings. The CR50 also doubled as the main white light in the gym when the music mode was off.

His new requirement was that he wanted the same effect in his deck area outside. As he had already bought some very expensive decking lights he needed a way of connecting them to his DMX system. He also required simple diagnostics and LightPix, the installation company didn't like the idea of 16 separate DMX decoders with no indication and fiddly DIP switches.

The solution for him was a 48 channel DMX driver, with 48 x 1A outputs, and LED indication of the channel status. We delivered in 10 days and the whole system was wired in a day.

48 pixel DMX driver

The client also ordered some code for his Auduino to achieve his desired effects when not connected to our STLP sound processor. Two of these are shown in the visualisation below..

DMX Driver 350mA

Coming soon...